Source code for dantro.plot.funcs._utils

"""A module that implements a bunch of plot utilities used in the plotting
functions. These can be shared tools between the plotting functions.

import copy

import numpy as np

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]def plot_errorbar( *, ax, x: np.ndarray, y: np.ndarray, yerr: np.ndarray, fill_between: bool = False, fill_between_kwargs: dict = None, **errorbar_kwargs, ): """Given the data and (optionally) the y-error data, plots a single errorbar line. With ``fill_between=True``, a shaded area is plotted instead of the errorbar markers. The following ``fill_between_kwargs`` defaults are assumed: - ``color = line_color`` - ``alpha = 0.2 * line_alpha`` - ``lw = 0.`` Args: ax: The axis to plot on x (numpy.ndarray): The x data to use y (numpy.ndarray): The y-data to use for ``ax.errorbar``. Needs to be 1D and have coordinates associated which will be used for the x-values. yerr (numpy.ndarray): The y-error data fill_between (bool, optional): Whether to use plt.fill_between or plt.errorbar to plot y-errors fill_between_kwargs (dict, optional): Passed on to plt.fill_between **errorbar_kwargs: Passed on to plt.errorbar Raises: ValueError: On non-1D data Returns: The matplotlib legend handle of the errorbar line or of the errorbands """ if y.ndim != 1 or (yerr is not None and yerr.ndim != 1): raise ValueError( "Expected 1D `y` and `yerr` data for errorbar plot but selected " f"data was {y.ndim}- and {yerr.ndim}-dimensional, respecetively!\n" f"\ny: {y}\nyerr: {yerr}" ) # Data is ok. # Plot the data against its coordinates, including the y-error data only if # no fill-between is to be performed ebar = ax.errorbar( x, y, yerr=yerr if not fill_between else None, **errorbar_kwargs ) if not fill_between or yerr is None: # Return the regular errorbar artist return ebar # else: plot yerr as shaded area using fill_between # Find out the colour of the error bar line by inspecting line collection lc, _, _ = ebar line_color = lc.get_c() line_alpha = lc.get_alpha() if lc.get_alpha() else 1.0 # Prepare fill between arguments, setting some default values fb_kwargs = ( copy.deepcopy(fill_between_kwargs) if fill_between_kwargs else {} ) fb_kwargs["color"] = fb_kwargs.get("color", line_color) fb_kwargs["alpha"] = fb_kwargs.get("alpha", line_alpha * 0.2) fb_kwargs["lw"] = fb_kwargs.get("lw", 0.0) # Fill. fb = ax.fill_between(x, y1=(y - yerr), y2=(y + yerr), **fb_kwargs) # Return the artist that is to be used in the legend return (ebar, fb)