Example Plots#

This page showcases plot configurations and the resulting output.

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Describe how to generate the test data.

Errorbands plot using meta-operations#

This is similar to an example in the xarray documentation, showing averaged air temperatures over time.

Using the dantro base plots config, this example embeds pre-defined meta-operations which are then used to compute the mean and standard deviation of the example data. In addition, a rolling mean is applied to smoothe out the data, and a coordinate dimension is transformed such that matplotlib can plot label ticks from it.

Errorbars plot example with air temperature data

3D scatter plot#

Here, a 3D random walk is visualized using the scatter3d() plot, accessible via the facet grid interface.

3D scatter plot example of a random walk

Multiplot with subplots#

This example showcases the multiplot function and how to add different content on individual subplots. Furthermore, it uses the import functionality of the plot function to call matplotlib.pyplot.ylabel() on the subplots.

Multiplot plot example with subplots and artificial time series data