Plot Configuration Reference#

This page attempts to give an overview of the available configuration options in a plot configuration. It distinguishes features that are handled by The PlotManager and those handled by the chosen plot creators.

In the following, all examples are given on the level of a single plot configuration, specifically:

my_plot:         # name of the plot
  # ...          # <-- everything in here is called "plot configuration"

General Options#

The options shown here are handled by PlotManager or BasePlotCreator and are always available.

All options seen here basically act as reserved keywords. Subsequently, they cannot be used downstream in the plot creator, because they are already handled and not passed on again.

    # --- Basic configuration options
    # Whether this plot should actually be performed or not
    enabled: true

    # Plot configuration inheritance (from existing base plot configurations)
    based_on: []   # applied in the order given here, recursively updating

    # The file extension for the plot output path
    file_ext: png

    # Path to a custom output directory
    out_dir: ~/my_plot_output

    # Whether to run this plot in debug mode. If given, overwrites the
    # default value specified in the PlotManager
    debug: true

    # Whether to save the plot configuration alongside the plot
    save_plot_cfg: true

    # --- Choosing and configuring a plot creator
    # Manually
    creator: pyplot

    # Initialization parameters for the selected plot creator. The ones given
    # here recursively update those given to PlotManager.__init__
      # Options provided by the BasePlotCreator
      default_ext: ~     # The default file extension
      exist_ok: false    # If true, allows overwriting plot output

      # All further options are handled by the specialization's __init__
      # ...

    # --- Plot creator arguments
    # Any further parameters are handled by the plot creator
    # ...


The values given here are not necessarily also the default values. That depends on the used PlotManager specialization and the involved plot creators.

As always with configuration files, try to specify only those entries that deviate from the default setting.


For more information regarding overwriting of plot output and writing to a custom directory, see the FAQ.

Options handled by the Plot Creators#

The options made available by the individual plot creators, see their respective documentation entries: