Source code for dantro.containers.path

"""This module implements a container that holds the path to a file as data"""

import logging
import pathlib
from typing import Union

from ..mixins import ForwardAttrsToDataMixin
from . import BaseDataContainer, is_container

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]@is_container class PathContainer(ForwardAttrsToDataMixin, BaseDataContainer): """A container that maps to a file system path. It uses :py:class:`pathlib.Path` to represent the given path and allow easy access and manipulation. To have direct access to the underlying :py:class:`pathlib.Path` object, use the :py:meth:`.fs_path` property. .. note:: The paths can also be paths to directories. However, it's worth considering using a :py:class:`~dantro.groups.dirpath.DirectoryGroup` if it is desired to carry over the directory tree structure into the data tree. Unlike in :py:class:`~dantro.groups.dirpath.DirectoryGroup`, the local file system path is set via the ``data`` argument during initialization and not via a data attribute. """
[docs] def __init__( self, *args, name: str, data: Union[str, pathlib.Path] = None, parent: "DirectoryGroup" = None, **kwargs, ): """Sets up a container that holds a filesystem path as data. .. note:: The filesystem path need not necessarily exist and it also need not be equivalent to the path within the data tree. Args: *args: Passed to parent class init name (str): The name of this container data (Union[str, pathlib.Path], optional): The filesystem path this object is meant to represent. Can be empty if this container is initialized from a ``parent`` directory group, in which case the information stored therein and the ``name`` of this container will be used to generate the path. parent (DirectoryGroup, optional): If ``data`` was not given, the path of this parent group and the ``name`` of this container will be used to generate a path. **kwargs: Passed to parent class init """ from ..groups import DirectoryGroup if data is None: if parent is not None and isinstance(parent, DirectoryGroup): data = parent.fs_path.joinpath(name) else: raise TypeError( f"If not supplying `data` argument to {self.classname} " f"'{name}', need a parent that is a DirectoryGroup and " "that can be used to deduce a path. " f"Parent was: {parent}" ) data = pathlib.Path(data) super().__init__(*args, name=name, data=data, parent=parent, **kwargs)
@property def fs_path(self) -> pathlib.Path: """Returns the filesystem path associated with this container. This property is identical to the ``data`` property. """ return def __delitem__(self, key): raise NotImplementedError("Cannot delete path elements.") def __setitem__(self, key, value): raise NotImplementedError("Cannot set path elements.") def __getitem__(self, key): raise NotImplementedError("Cannot get path elements.")