Source code for dantro.containers.numeric

"""This module implements specializations of the
:py:class:`~dantro.base.BaseDataContainer` class that focus on holding
numerical, array-like data.

import logging

import numpy as np

from ..mixins import (
from . import BaseDataContainer, is_container

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]@is_container class NumpyDataContainer( ForwardAttrsToDataMixin, NumbersMixin, ComparisonMixin, CheckDataMixin, ItemAccessMixin, BaseDataContainer, ): """The NumpyDataContainer stores numerical array-shaped data. Specifically: it is made for use with the :py:class:`numpy.ndarray` class. """ # Specify expected data types for this container class DATA_EXPECTED_TYPES = (np.ndarray,) DATA_ALLOW_PROXY = False DATA_UNEXPECTED_ACTION = "raise"
[docs] def __init__(self, *, name: str, data: np.ndarray, **dc_kwargs): """Initialize a NumpyDataContainer, storing data that behaves mostly like a :py:class:`numpy.ndarray`. Arguments: name (str): The name of this container data (numpy.ndarray): The numpy data to store **dc_kwargs: Additional arguments for container initialization, passed on to parent method """ # To be a bit more tolerant, allow lists as data argument if isinstance(data, list): log.debug( "Received a list as `data` argument to %s '%s'. " "Calling np.array on it ...", self.classname, name, ) data = np.array(data) # Initialize with parent method super().__init__(name=name, data=data, **dc_kwargs)
# Done.
[docs] def _format_info(self) -> str: """A __format__ helper function: returns info about the item In this case, the dtype and shape of the stored data is returned. Note that this relies on the ForwardAttrsToDataMixin. """ return "{}, shape {}, {}".format( self.dtype, self.shape, super()._format_info() )
[docs] def __len__(self) -> int: """Length of the underlying data, i.e. first entry in shape""" return self.shape[0]
[docs] def copy(self): """Return a copy of this NumpyDataContainer. NOTE that this will create copies of the stored data. """ log.debug("Creating copy of %s ...", self.logstr) return self.__class__( + "_copy",, attrs={k: v for k, v in self.attrs.items()}, )
[docs] def save(self, path: str, **save_kwargs): """Saves the NumpyDataContainer to a file by invoking the :py:func:`` function on the underlying data. The file extension should be ``.npy``, which is compatible with the numpy-based data loader. If another file extension is given, the numpy method will _append_ ``.npy``! .. warning:: This does NOT store container attributes! Args: path (str): The path to save the file at **save_kwargs: Passed to the :py:func:`` function """,, **save_kwargs)