Source code for dantro.containers.general

"""This module implements general specialisations of the

import logging
from import MutableMapping, MutableSequence

from ..mixins import (
from . import BaseDataContainer, is_container

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]@is_container class ObjectContainer(ItemAccessMixin, BaseDataContainer): """Generically stores any Python object This allows item access, but not more. """
[docs] def _format_info(self) -> str: """A __format__ helper function: returns info about the stored data""" return "{} stored, {}".format( type(, super()._format_info() )
[docs]@is_container class PassthroughContainer(ForwardAttrsToDataMixin, ObjectContainer): """An object container that forwards all attribute calls to .data""" pass
[docs]@is_container class MutableSequenceContainer( CheckDataMixin, ItemAccessMixin, CollectionMixin, BaseDataContainer, MutableSequence, ): """The MutableSequenceContainer stores data that is sequence-like""" # Specify expected data types for this container class DATA_EXPECTED_TYPES = (MutableSequence, list) DATA_ALLOW_PROXY = False DATA_UNEXPECTED_ACTION = "warn"
[docs] def insert(self, idx: int, val) -> None: """Insert an item at a given position. The first argument is the index of the element before which to insert, so a.insert(0, x) inserts at the front of the list, and a.insert(len(a), x) is equivalent to a.append(x). Args: idx (int): The index before which to insert val: The value to insert """, val)
[docs]@is_container class MutableMappingContainer( CheckDataMixin, MappingAccessMixin, BaseDataContainer, MutableMapping ): """The MutableMappingContainer stores mutable mapping data, e.g. dicts""" # Specify expected data types for this container class DATA_EXPECTED_TYPES = (MutableMapping, dict) DATA_ALLOW_PROXY = False DATA_UNEXPECTED_ACTION = "warn"
[docs] def __init__(self, *, name: str, data=None, **dc_kwargs): """Initialize a MutableMappingContainer, storing mapping data. Args: name (str): The name of this container data: The mapping-like data to store. If not given, an empty dict is created **dc_kwargs: Additional arguments for container initialization """ # Supply a default value for the data, if none was given data = data if data is not None else {} # Initialize with parent method super().__init__(name=name, data=data, **dc_kwargs)
# Done.
[docs]@is_container class StringContainer(CollectionMixin, PassthroughContainer): """A data container to store string-like data.""" # Specify expected data types for this container class DATA_EXPECTED_TYPES = (str,) DATA_ALLOW_PROXY = False DATA_UNEXPECTED_ACTION = "raise" # can be: raise, warn, ignore