Source code for dantro._hash

"""This module implements a deterministic hash function to use within dantro.

It is mainly used for all things related to the TransformationDAG.

import hashlib

# The full hash length of an MD5 hexdigest

# The length of shortened hashes
SHORT_HASH_LENGTH = 8  # For hexdigest, 16^8 = 2^32 > 4*10^9 -> plenty.

[docs]def _hash(s: str) -> str: """Returns a deterministic hash of the given string. This uses the hashlib.md5 algorithm which returns a hexadecimal digest of length 32. .. note:: This hash is meant to be used as a checksum, not for security. Args: s (str): The string to create the hash of Returns: str: The 32 character hexadecimal md5 hash digest """ try: return hashlib.md5(s.encode("utf-8")).hexdigest() except Exception: # Probably was already a byte string return hashlib.md5(s).hexdigest()