Source code for dantro._copy

"""Custom, optimized copying functions used thoughout dantro"""

import copy
import pickle as _pickle
from typing import Any

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

_shallowcopy = copy.copy
"""An alias for a shallow copy function used throughout dantro, currently
pointing to :py:func:`copy.copy`.

[docs]def _deepcopy(obj: Any) -> Any: """A pickle-based deep-copy overload, that uses :py:func:`copy.deepcopy` only as a fallback option if serialization was not possible. Calls :py:func:`pickle.loads` on the output of :py:func:`pickle.dumps` of the given object. The pickling approach being based on a C implementation, this can easily be many times faster than the pure-Python-based :py:func:`copy.deepcopy`. """ try: return _pickle.loads(_pickle.dumps(obj)) except: return copy.deepcopy(obj)