dantro.plot_creators.ext_funcs.basic module

Holds basic plot functions for use with ExternalPlotCreator

dantro.plot_creators.ext_funcs.basic.lineplot(dm: dantro.data_mngr.DataManager, *, out_path: str, y: str, x: str = None, fmt: str = None, save_kwargs: dict = None, **plot_kwargs)[source]

Performs a simple lineplot.

  • dm (DataManager) – The data manager from which to retrieve the data

  • out_path (str) – Where to store the plot to

  • y (str) – The path to get to the y-data in the data manager

  • x (str, optional) – The path to get to the x-data in the data manager

  • save_kwargs (dict, optional) – kwargs to the plt.savefig function

  • **plt_kwargs – Passed on to plt.plot